Mommy's a Mole: Unravelling the Joan Webster Murder and Other Secrets in a CIA Family

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On November 28, 1981, Harvard graduate student Joan Webster stepped off Eastern flight 960 at Logan Airport in Boston. She disappeared. At the same time Joan took her last breath, her sister-in-law lay in a hospital bed suffering a miscarriage. The tragedies fused their lives and fates in ways it took years to unravel. Joan’s disappearance saturated the media with sensational theories. The state’s investigation targeted Leonard Paradiso, and speculated she was murdered onboard his boat. Paradiso was convicted for a 1979 murder inextricably entangled with Joan’s case.


About Eve Carson

Eve Carson was born in Danville, Illinois in 1953, and has lived in the Midwest most of her life. She is a graduate of Purdue University with a degree in economics and industrial management. She was a supervisor for General Motors and a marketing representative for IBM before taking time to be a stay-at-home mom with her daughters. Presently, she works in administration in the security industry.



Dealing with trauma requires a strong core and loving support. When crime is the source of tragedy, law enforcement and the legal system are delegated the responsibility of truth and justice, which we hope will ease our pain. A broken system compounds the problems and multiplies the number of victims left in the wake. Decent people struggle to grasp the enormity of circumstances surrounding crime and penetrate the pure evil of deranged minds that would do such things. The normal process of grief is suspended, and heartache hangs over our lives like the blade of a guillotine. My path to be heard has been an agonizing walk spiked with torment.


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